My Arabic Library Teacher Guide

The My Arabic Library Teacher Guide was developed by Scholastic exclusively for the My Arabic Library programme and is included with each library set. This 48-page manual, available for grades 1-6, provides teachers with expert guidance on all aspects of promoting reading in their classrooms. It offers detailed instructions for lesson plans, teaching methods and classroom activities that relate directly to the titles in My Arabic Library.

Each Teacher Guide for Grades 1-6 includes:

  • Suggestions for organizing and displaying My Arabic Library in the classroom
  • Lesson plans and suggestions for promoting reading in the classroom
  • Suggested lesson plans for whole and small group instruction as well as independent reading
  • Detailed instructions for interactive pre- and post-reading classroom activities
  • Suggestions for creating a book check out system to promote independent reading at home
  • Suggested letter to parents to support reading at home
  • Subject index to use My Arabic Library titles to support curriculum

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The My Arabic Library Teacher Guide can also be purchased separately by grade level:

Grade 1 Teachers Guide

978-0-545-00484-8 | $12.99

Grade 2 Teachers Guide

978-0-545-00780-1 | $12.99

Grade 3 Teachers Guide

978-0-439-02641-3 | $12.99

Grade 4 Teachers Guide

978-0-439-02715-1 | $12.99

Grade 5 Teachers Guide

978-0-439-02716-8 | $12.99

Grade 6 Teachers Guide

978-0-439-02714-4 | $12.99