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My Arabic Library Teacher Training

Training for the Effective Use of Supplementary Books to Support and Enrich Curriculum

To maximize the benefits of the My Arabic Library supplementary reading books, Scholastic has developed a customized training programme that demonstrates how to support and enrich the educational curriculum with supplementary books, including small group reading instruction, for teachers and other educators who will be using the My Arabic Library titles. The training programme also instructs educational supervisors on highly effective methods to monitor and evaluate the students’ and teachers’ progress in utilising the My Arabic Library books.

My Arabic Library Teacher Training

Incorporating the most up-to-date teaching methodology, the Scholastic training programme clearly explains techniques and teaching strategies that will maximize the effectiveness of these supplementary books both to enrich the curriculum and to develop the young student’s enthusiasm for reading and learning. To ensure maximum participation, we recommend that the teacher-training programme be limited to 25-30 teachers per 3-day session.

The Scholastic training programme is highly interactive and hands-on. Techniques on how to select a book, how to introduce a book to students and many different teaching methods to help students learn from supplementary books are thoroughly demonstrated. Time is allowed in each session for the teacher-trainees to practice and refine their newly acquired teaching methods.

Each trainee will receive a Teacher’s Guide and other supplemental materials such as lesson plans, additional reading, and step-by-step instructions on all the post-reading activities for future reference.

The training programme will also focus on the educational benefits of small group instruction and demonstrate innovative, classroom-tested techniques for differentiated small group reading. A variety of models for grouping students for small reading group instruction will be presented with suggestions to help teachers select the appropriate book for the student groups (by reading level, interest, group project, etc.). Small group reading instruction is a teaching model that has proven to be highly effective in improving students’ reading and reading comprehension skills.

My Arabic Library Supervisor Training

The My Arabic Library 2-day training programme for educational administrators and supervisors provides an overview of the My Arabic Library programme and summarises the methods and goals of the teacher-training programme. We recommend that school principals be invited to attend the three-hour programme orientation that begins the supervisor-training programme. The orientation will summarize the programme goals and components and will instruct principals on programme support to achieve the maximum benefit for their school community.

The supervisor-training programme also includes a detailed presentation of successful methods to monitor and evaluate the use of the My Arabic Library programme in schools and offers a variety of templates and protocols for monitoring the programme and integrating the My Arabic Library titles into the educational curriculum at each grade level.

We recommend that the supervisor-training programme be limited to 25-30 educational supervisors and administrators per 2-day session. All training programmes are conducted by Middle East-based native Arabic-speaking trainers who have extensive experience training and managing the My Arabic Library programme in collaboration with Ministries of Education in the region. We can customise the training programmes for any specific need and duration. Please contact us for more information.

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